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Good Vibes Only☮

" If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars? "

- Tunisian proverb (via mymangotree)

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" People ask me what I think of the idea of Aliens. I say with the universe as big as it is, with all the galaxies it has; it will be pretty arrogant to think we are alone. "

- House Of Hippies (via thehouseofhippies)


The forest canopy bedframe can be found here

(via fotosroots)

" I believe in the power a little flower has. It can grow through dirt, it can survive a storm. It can feed a butterfly or a pretty bee. It can convey so much beauty, it makes me smile when I see it.
But imagine, if a little and simple thing like a flower can do such things, think about all the things you can do being ten thousand times more than just some pretty petals and a stem. "

- Believe in the power you posses (via earthyfreedom)